Best epilator for Brazilian wear | Pluck your uproot hairs!

“Oh, God! Is it fair to these hairy threads to peep out of my Brazilian wears?” Yes, I feel very uncomfortable when these hairs peep out of my Brazilian wear. Even with these 0.5mm of hairs out, I can’t rise, my hands to the sky in happy situations! To be confident and happy, I feel that I should not have hairs in 6 feet of my skin. Probably all girls and princess would agree with me on this statement. Particularly for Brazilian wears, we must be fully epilated, waxed or shaved. Also, it’s mandatory when the summer sun rises in our country. Let’s be prepared for every season with the best epilators for Brazilian!

Why do you need best epilators for Brazilian?

Do you think it’s feasible for you to wax, thread, or shave whenever you step out? No, not at all! I get frustrated to spend my holidays by shaving or waxing. Also, it’s very expensive to epilate all over the body in the spa. I can list you a bundle of reasons why I need best epilators for Brazilian wear! This suits for you princess too!

  • I get frustrated with getting appointments on spa for hair removal sessions,
  • It’s not affordable to pay money for every epilation like facial, underarm, upper lip, chin, arms, legs, pubic and other areas,
  • I feel bored while traveling alone for spas,
  • It’s not a permanent hair removal techie. It lasts only for a month at max,
  • Professional waxing is awful and the pain while removing the wax strips is ridiculous.

Sure, you princess would agree with me on these nail points of reasons for the need of Brazilian wear epilator. Now, let me help you to choose the best epilators for Brazilian wear on this summer season!

How to choose the best epilator?

You know how to use the epilators on skin. But, without best epilators for your smooth skin, you would get razor bumps on the sensitive skin. Greatest pain while removing hair in sensitive areas is making razor bumps or bleeding. If you choose the best epilator for your skin tone, then I assure, you would never see bumps on your skin. Here are my bulletin shots to choose the epilators of skin tone for you princess.

  • Wet/dry usage,
  • Number of tweezers,
  • Attachments for body curves,
  • Corded/Cordless,
  • Hypoallergenic Blades,
  • Antimicrobial shield,
  • Lasting epilation,
  • Cleaning brush,
  • Affordable price.

Now let me tell my best experience with the best epilators for Brazilian wear. You can pick your best epilator based upon my experience. Just chill out on this summer with best epilators!

I assure it would cost an only penny of your entire epilation session on spa!

Panasonic ES ED 90P

Panasonic, a well-known brand of electronics has left its footprints on epilators too. This is one of my favorite epilators which can be used for entire body epilation. Still, this is best for bikini lines, underarms and other sensitive areas. The Panasonic guy is pinky and could stick perfectly on my hands during epilation.

This guy can be nailed with 6 other attachments while epilating my skin. This guy is too perfect for the sensitive princess as the tweezers are designed with 48 hypoallergenic blades and anti-microbial shield. You can also jump into the shower to make your epilation painless with this Panasonic guy as its wet/dry usage. To make your detailed hair removal session, there are built-in LED lightings on this Panasonic ES-ED 90P.

The most interesting feature of this guy is the epilation lasts for more than 3-4 weeks. You can recharge it for one hour and then use it for entire epilation session. This Panasonic guy is cordless and hence you can epilate it without any sticking to it.

Pros Cons
ü  Hypoallergenic blades û  Operation time is less
ü  Built-in LED
ü  6 more attachments
ü  Lasts 3-4 times
ü  Cordless
ü  Wet/dry usage

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Philips HP 6401

I am glad to tell you princess about my experience with the best seller of epilators. Yes, this guy is the best seller of epilators. This guy is suited for both peach and coarse hair princess. You can use it in your shower to epilate your skin as this is wet/dry usage device. The important fact on this epilator is the price of Philips guy is too affordable. It costs less than the cost of facial epilation.

Philips guy holds 21 hypoallergenic blades to epilate our skin perfectly. This guy leaves less than 0.5mm on my underarms, hands, and other areas. You can adjust the speed of epilator according to your body curve with this duo-speed device. The device is also ergonomically designed to grip over our curves.

This Philips guy is corded, but still, you can have the lengthy wire to epilate through your skin. The only wound with this Philips guy is he has no built-in lightings. Still, it’s not the biggest thing with these pivoted heads and other attachments. Princess looking for affordable and low price epilators can chill out with this Philips guy on this summer season. You can use it over the entire body epilation with this Philips guy.

Pros Cons
ü  21 Hypoallergenic blades û  No built-in lightings
ü  Wet/dry usage
ü  Leaves only 0.5mm
ü  Built-in lightings
ü  Corded
ü  Affordable price
ü  Duo-Speed

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Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator-36

Emjoi Soft Caress epilator is great for biki lines, underarms and much more areas. This guy is designed with 36-gold plated hypoallergenic blades and anti-microbial shield. I would highly use this epilator on winter seasons to avoid after effects. As on winter seasons, you must be highly hygienic to avoid fever and other harmful diseases. I don’t dare to get scoldings from your BFS.

This emjoi guy lasts your epilation for more than four weeks. If you are busy women, then you can pick this guy for your epilation session. You can epilate this in corded/cordless manner. You can drag it to your room to complete your epilation for the entire body. You cannot jump into the shower for painless epilation session which means this emoji guy can be used in dry circumstances. This guy will leave only 0.5mm on your skin. So be chill on this season with your Brazilian threads!

Pros Cons
ü  36-gold plated hypoallergenic blades û  No built-in lightings
ü  Antimicrobial shield û  Dry usage only
ü  Lasts more time and leaves only 0.5mm û  No attachments
ü  Corded/cordless
ü  Perfect for sensitive areas like biki lines

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Chill out with the best epilators for Brazilian wear on every season!

Sure, you had a nice time on hearing my experience. Check out these best epilators for Brazilian wears on this season. Be a celebrity with the epilation secrets. Don’t reveal this radiant secret to anyone of your folks. Chill out on this season! Share your best moments on the comments page below to your secret friend! I will never reveal your thoughts to anyone!