Dog foods for healthier coat and skin!

Lovable dogs become much beautiful when their coats are healthy and shiny as their smile. Dogs are adorable creatures, and they become too adorable if they have healthy skin and coat.

Many dogs do not have healthy skin and coat due to many factors like climatic change, inadequate nutrition and much more. When your dog suffers these issues, then you may be happier now that your dog is going to get a healthy and shiny coat.

You may follow these tips and tricks to make your dog healthy, shiny and smart with skin and coat!

Fatty Acid source

Healthy skin and coat come only from healthy dogs with essential fatty acids in their body. The unhealthy coat and skin of dogs emphasize on the fact that they lack essential fatty acids.

On eating highly protein rich meat, chick does not mean that your dog is healthy and completely balanced. The protein-rich meat, chick or lamb does not contain enough fatty acid source.

Hence you can pick the dog treats with essential fatty acids or you can use the bathing shampoo or nourishing oils with fatty acids.

Grooming the dog with nourishing oils once in a month can make your dog coat and skin healthier. You can also include fatty acid rich diets in your dog meal plan.

Omega-3 sources

Omega-3 is the essential mineral required for healthy skin and coat. Many dogs do not accept fish in their meal plan, if it’s your dog’s problem, then go with feeding avocado once in a week.

Avocado flesh is safe for dogs, hence remove the skin, peel, pit and seed from avocado to serve your dogs. Be sure to serve avocado slices in limits to your dog. Too much of avocado can be toxic to dogs and keep the diet plan then and there.

If your dog is fine with fish, add the fish meat in your dog’s diet plan. Never serve bones of fish to your dog. It may block the GI tract, and your dog will suffer serious issues.

If you are afraid of serving fish or avocado to your dog, then pour a teaspoon of salmon oil or any fish oils on your dog’s daily meal plan. It can bag your dog healthy, shiny skin and coat in a safe way!

Commercial dog foods with avocado formulas

Dog foods are available in commercial stores with formulas to boost healthy skin and coat. You can serve them to your dog and bag the healthy skin and coat. Avoderm is the safest and healthy food product to make your dog’s coat healthy and shiny.

They include avocado in their ingredients in limits, which can help your dog meet the nutritional benefits. It’s my personal suggestion, and I do not strictly emphasize every pet parent to follow the diet plan buddies!

So please stick to your experience while choosing the healthy skin foods!

Veggies and Fruits

Many veggies, fruits are healthier options to make your dog skin and coat healthier. Avocado is the better option for the best result of the healthy coat, but if you are afraid of limits and toxicity, then go for broccoli, carrots, cantaloupe, pumpkin, green beans and much more veggies.

Steam the tough veggies like broccoli, green beans, cauliflower for serving your dog. You can also feed fresh and healthy berries to your dog at the evening fun time, leash walking as a snack.

Serve all the fruits, veggies in limits and keep in mind that your dog is carnivores. You can’t replace all the meat diet of your dog with veggies and fruits!

Munch, some of the healthy veggies, and fruits with your dogs and live healthier! Post the healthy skin and coat selfies of your dog on the comments page below!