Best Professional Camera Drones | Start captivating hearts with HD Photos!

Are you passionate about filming and a professional in cinematography? Then without drone how can you manage in this modern world. Do you think it’s possible to take the entire shot of Eiffel tower with a single click? Never! You can take the pixel-perfect snap of high statues, entire playgrounds, and much more stuff with the help of camera drones. Just try the camera drones for making your complete shots of films or snaps! Here is the list of best professional Camera drones for captivating the hearts of world!

DJI Phantom 3 Professional Drone

DJI Phantom 3 professional drone is a complete package of professional camera drone with several attachments. This is a 3-axis gimbal system with 4K camera. You can also take clear snaps with this 12MP camera. You can have control over the drone with the help of transmitters or apps. You can have the stable camera with Phantom 3 drone and is ready-to-fly with the basics guide of drone. You can also grab the attachments like a flight battery, charger, radio controller, 16 GB micro SD Card and much more accessories.

You can captivate 720p HD videos with the help of this app-based drone. No worries! Even if the drone fails its enhanced with GPS for fail safes. Your drone flying time will be 23 minutes with full battery charge. Phantom 2 professional drone includes water resistant hard shell backpack to carry your accessories in a safe manner. You can take these accessories and drone after your work with water resistant hard shell backpack. Start your professional cinematography with these drones!

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DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter Drone

DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter Drone is featured with a 4K camera having 3-axes gimbal. Phantom 3 quadcopter drone has the flight battery with the capacity of 4480mah. You can be a great professional director with no stories as before. You can cinematograph your perspective with crystal-clear videos in 12 MP camera drone. You can take snaps and 4K UHD videos with the help of this professional drone. You can also monitor the videos in real-time HD video display screen of drone.

You professionals can also grab the powerful remote controller with a mobile app. You can capture the videos and snaps around 5km-3.1 miles with the help of this DJI Phantom 3 professional camera drone. Additionally, you can grab the 16 GB memory card, charger, flight battery, display monitor. You can pack up this wonderful professional camera drone in an aluminum case to take home. Start shredding your perspective in a beautiful manner as never before!

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DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter – 1

DJI Phantom 3 professional quadcopter comes with the 12 MP professional cam lens which can take 30 frames of 4K UHD videos per second. You can film the 4K UHD videos with the fully stabilized 3-axis gimbal camera drone. This camera drone is featured with light bridge digital streaming and hence your 720p HD videos will be with full resolution. The videos will be automatically recorded in micro SD card.

DJI Phantom 3 quadcopter includes flight battery and rechargeable remote control charger. Hence the drone is ready-to-fly out of the box. DJI Pilot helps you to watch live videos with mobile apps on Android and iOS. You can also view the tutorial videos for usage of drone with this package. Start captivating your professional videos with 720p full resolution with this drones!

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Shred your perspective with professional camera drones!

Sure, I had helped you a bit in choosing the perfect professional camera drones. Film your perspective as never before! Bring life to your perspective with the help of this drone!

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